0 Decades of investment experience

Investment Expertise

We have decades of experience investing across asset classes and market cycles on behalf of sophisticated, multi-generational families.

Our goal is to design an asset allocation tailored to each client’s risk profile and unique personal requirements, with an overall focus always on the preservation of wealth.

To accomplish this, we invest with leading managers who we believe can provide attractive risk-adjusted returns. In this effort, we invest across asset classes globally, including fixed income, equities, hedge funds, private equity and real assets.


0 Team Members dedicated to estate and wealth planning

Estate & wealth planning

We believe our integration of wealth management and estate planning allows us to provide differentiated, tax efficient investment advice.

We are actively involved with clients in formulating an estate plan, drafting wills and trusts, establishing private foundations and implementing sophisticated wealth transfer and charitable giving strategies. Our estate planning and legal services are provided by our affiliated law firm. We believe the impact of taxes on wealth creation is often overlooked. Our partners’ extensive experience in tax enables us to assess the tax consequences of investments and to utilize structures to minimize taxes where appropriate.

The combination of our investment advisory business and legal practice allows us to act as a trusted advisor to clients on a broad range of personal financial and tax-related matters.

0 Firm focused on all of our clients' needs

Family Office Services

We strive to simplify our clients’ lives.

We provide advice and operational support for family office services, including:

  • Charitable planning
  • Family education
  • Budgeting and financial planning
  • Cashflow management

We also coordinate with leading service providers with respect to:

  • Bill payment
  • Tax compliance
  • Family governance